Rob Savage: VERITY

Verity: a short film.

Producer Douglas Cox

Great: Script, Production, Direction, Cast & Casting, all wonderful people.

On a very dull early summer’s day in 2016, I was contacted by an unknown [to me] casting agent, Heather Basten, seeking #actors; a general mix of people: male, female, young and not so young, to be a part of an #indie #shortfilm Verity.


Being new to the #filmaking scene, I naturally said Yes; every opportunity is another chance to learn. The offer was a featured #SA #casting, as a Séance participant. I had no idea at the time how amazing this experience would turn out to be.

Verity‘ is as at February 2017 in Post Production. Really looking forward to the 1st. screening.

Writers: Rob Savage & Cherilyn MacNeil

Producer: Douglas Cox – Shadowhouse

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