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This section is About my, past and present, specifically: Film, TV, TVC & VO Roles

  • 1975-02-20

    Casino Career

    Casino Operative, 20 years: London, Europe, Africa; working in Le Touquet, Pas de Calais, France for 2 summer seasons (1990/91) - I also have extensively travelled, living and soldering in Australia, and Central Africa during the 1970's. I am able and willing to take direction and offer a wealth of direct experience in many fields.

  • 1997-12-09

    HPD Software

    10 years as a Network Analyst as well as roles in Client services, a second tier technical role, from 1997 - 2007. HPD helps deliver better working capital solutions to a wide range of businesses and create a superior experience for our clients' partners anywhere in the world. HPD is based, in Putney, SW London. With additional offices in the United States and Australia

  • 2007-01-09

    Ixchel Ha Conservation Trust

    Conserved and Protected 32 acres of Pristine Rain Forest Belize CA - Lived in the Jungles of Southern Belize Toledo district, from 2007 - 2014. Conservation > Sustainability > Permaculture > Food Forest Model > Rain Forest > Wild Life > Moho River > Boom Creek

  • 2016-02-15

    J A Ellis as a TV/Film Extra (SA)

    Began as an Extra - Supporting Artiste (SA) in Early 2016; I have been featured several times and have been offered lead roles on 4 occasions. I am professional, reliable & easy to work with, good at taking/interpreting direction. Now after 12 months, I am well versed in set protocol/etiquette. I am planning to pursue: Actors Training, Workshops, including [but not exclusively] Voice and [perhaps] stage combat. Refer to Portfolio Section below, to review the projects with which I was involved 2016 - 2017


  • Film

    Lead/Featured: Shorts*2, Student*6 & Mainstream*1

  • TV

    Featured*0, Lead*1

  • TVC

    Television Commercials - Featured*1 - Lead*0

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